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The latest Armenians off Diyarbekir was in fact from a simple and simple character

The latest Armenians off Diyarbekir was in fact from a simple and simple character

ilies had dining tables, it actually was more widespread to consume dinners sitting on straw mats on to the ground and you will of an excellent copper brgich (sini, tray). This lady of the home perform serve an element of the pan in the massive tray, near to mozzarella cheese and you can cash, plant life, and seasonal create. The household do gather in the buffet, state the brand new Lord’s Prayer, and you will carry out consume employing wood spoons, providing by themselves regarding public bowl .

It absolutely was an everyday occurrent commit musafer (head to some body). On the section titled “We Went along to Comprehend the Bozoyents” regarding their book, Margosian relates to per night stop by at the place to find the newest Bozoyents family. Seem to, there can be no need to give previous find whenever visiting. Only, after-dinner, family members would collect good kmbo (small kerosene light) to light their method and walk together with her on the appeal. They might knock-on the entranceway making use of the chakhchakhos (door knockers). If people they know was home, the door would be unwrapped. If you don’t, they meant which they was visiting other people. In this case, your family manage like another the home of see. “I emerged since the musafers for you,” they will say, block the sneakers, and walk in. Their friends would enjoy her or him gladly: “Mir klkhin vre, egek egek, ners mdik!” [“Allowed, desired, come on, been to the!”].

The brand new guys carry out usually play dama (Turkish checkers) and drink drink, once the lady create knit and change reports. Older people, after informing fairy stories into younger, do doze out-of, huddled with her prior to the hearth. The kids create split crazy on the floor, upcoming link the wild when you look at the bastegh (grape fabric) and you may consume playing .

Into the Vacations, many of them goes toward church and naughty milf hookup act as tbirs (acolytes)

There had been multiple dated and large social baths in the Diyarbekir, and checking out these baths was a fundamental element of lives to own the latest city’s residents. The shower enclosures was in fact created near the lake, and therefore appreciated an abundant source of h2o. The wealthy forever hired djourous in this area. Djourou can often be interpreted because the tunnel, but in this example, it denotes a pool. The ladies of your own city carry out publish porters to come on shower enclosures making use of their legens (tubs), tsak-legens (nothing tubs), and kildans (packages that has had detergent, luffas, and combs). Upcoming, having high service, every females and children of the household members do journey a carriage on the bath, providing with these people eating, sweets, and you will juices. Needless to say, the shower enclosures had been that lead so you can lady going for brides for their sons. The brand new men’s room baths have been in various structures, and you can in the place of this new women’s showers, was open at all times during the day .

Particularly in the town, it absolutely was standard for both girls and boys to attend school holding the defters (take action courses) and kelims (pencils). Immediately after coming back domestic off categories, ladies manage help its mothers having residential performs – cleaning, stitching and you may mending, weaving, cooking, and you may embroidering. The men, at the same time, manage get into apprenticeships with craftsmen, and you will would let work with errands outside the house.

They might carefully scrutinize the young female when you’re most other girls given suggestions or conveyed it-or-you to definitely candidate’s flaws with furtive glances

Margosian recalls your typical chronilogical age of marriage for females is 14-16, as well as males 18-19. In the event the a woman is actually 18 years of age nonetheless single, she try deemed having “existed at your home.” If the a son turned 20 and you may was still unmarried, he was “both intoxicated otherwise crazy.” In the event that sometimes an individual are 40 years dated and you may did not but really keeps grandchildren, it actually was determined that they got “not witnessed the fresh new light of your own sun.”

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